5 of the Most Expensive Cigars Money Can Buy

People have been smoking cigars throughout history, but it was only in the last century or so that they began to be associated with class and wealth. There are many types of cigars available, each having its own unique flavors and characteristics. In addition to using the finest tobacco, the best cigars are also swathed in exquisite wrappers and hand-rolled with the highest level of precision and care.

Here is our list of the most expensive cigars that money can buy.

#5 Arturo Fuente Opux C Ltd — $30,000 per box

One hundred Forbidden X humidors were produced in 2003 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Arturo Fuente Opus X. A box of these dice cost about $10k in 2003, but today the price is a whopping $30k per box!

#4 Gurka Black Dragon — $115,000 per box

The Gurkha Black Dragon cigar packs a robust punch as it is made from fine tobacco leaves that are rolled in Honduras. The cigars are placed in limited edition handcrafted camel bone boxes with 100 pieces in one box. A single cigar costs an astronomical $1,150.

#3 Double Corona Regius Cigars Ltd — $54,000 for 1 cigar

This Double Corona cigar was purchased for $54k by a businessman named Callum Jones in 2013. What makes this cigar so expensive? Along with high-quality flavor and taste, Mr. Jones was given a private tour of the makers’ factory in Nicaragua where he could see how their products are made. In addition, for the $54k, the purchaser also received 1,000 custom-rolled smokes along with naming rights and boxes.

#2 Mayan Sicars — $507,000

An archeological team from Tampa University discovered the Mayan sicars. The cigars were still in perfect condition when they were excavated by the expert diggers. It is because they were buried in sealed clay pots well below the surface. Gary Liotta, the owner of Santiago Cigar Factory in Rochester, New York, bought the entire collection for $507k.

#1 Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar — $1 million

The most expensive cigar on this list is infused with Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII, which sells for $165k a bottle. Only selected hand rollers are allowed to lever the cigars, to ensure perfect quality. The artisans are also blindfolded to heighten their senses so that their movements are more natural.

Royal Courtesans are filled with rare Himalayan tobacco that has been hydrated only with Fiji water. Each piece is covered in gold leaf, and up to five carats of diamonds adorn the band. This opulent cigar can be hand-delivered to your residence by a messenger wearing spotless white gloves. As a reward for paying the ransom, you can sit back and enjoy this royal cigar like a king.

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