Top Three Cigar-Friendly Lounges in Ybor City, the Cigar Capital: First Stop

Our first stop on this epic journey brought us to the Corona Cigar Company & Diamond Crown Lounge, a hidden gem tucked away at 4142 W Boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607. Now, let me tell you, my friends, this place is a treasure trove of delights. With a total of five locations (including two in Orlando, Florida), this spot is not to be missed.

As I stepped foot into the Corona Cigar Company Lounge, I couldn’t help but be taken aback. It was the first time I had ever encountered a humidor that also doubled as a bar, complete with customers puffing away, a cash register humming, and cozy seating arrangements. They called it a cigar lounge with an open concept humidor, but let me tell you, what I witnessed was a damn beautiful humidor with a full-fledged lounge nestled within its walls.

Making my way to the bar, I couldn’t help but notice a section brimming with top shelf scotch and bourbons that would make any connoisseur weak in the knees. Hennessy Richard Cognac, Louis XIII, Michter’s 20 Year Bourbon, the Macallan M, and MMXX were just a few of the heavenly spirits on display. It was a sight to behold, my friends.

Naturally, I ordered my beloved Macallan and settled myself outside. A delightful bartender, oozing with charm, delivered my drink with a smile (and might I add, a generous pour at a fair price). I found a cozy spot on the oversized patio, flanked by two of my favorite haunts: Starbucks on my left and a tantalizing Brazilian steakhouse on my right. Ah, the perfect trifecta.

But alas, my blissful cigar experience was soon interrupted by a gust of wind determined to enjoy more of my precious smoke than I did. Without hesitation, I made my way back into the humidor in search of a suitable spot to savor my cigar at my own pace. Now, my dear readers, I must emphasize the sheer audacity of what I encountered.

Picture this: sitting across from Brad, Brett, and Kaden, a trio of old friends catching up and indulging in their smokes inside the humidor itself. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? And just a booth over, another group of gentlemen engaged in a lively discussion about their company’s groundbreaking new technology and its potential expansion. Who knew you could conduct business inside a humidor? Truly, a testament to the vibrant atmosphere within these walls.

I was welcomed with open arms and engaged in delightful conversations about the cigar I had chosen to accompany me on this leg of my journey. One of the humidor managers took me on a tour through the four long aisles, passionately explaining the inherent value of their exquisitely crafted travel humidors, ashtrays, and, of course, their top-notch cigars.

If the Davidoff lounge was any indication of what awaited me in Tampa, my friends, let me tell you, I was in for an extraordinary treat. The excitement was palpable as I ventured forth on this grand expedition, ready to bestow my fiery rating upon this remarkable establishment.

And so, my rating for Corona Cigar Company & Diamond Crown Lounge blazes forth with an unabashed five flames.

Why, you ask?

Allow me to elaborate. This place boasts an awe-inspiring inventory, friendly and welcoming staff, an utterly astonishing humidor fused with a comfortable lounge for all your smoking pleasure, and let’s not forget those pretty decent pours of liquid gold. It’s a winning combination that demands the highest praise.

So, my fellow adventurers, if you find yourself in Tampa, make sure to pay a visit to Corona Cigar Company.

Now if you would like to know what location ranked as my surprisingly bad experience, stay tuned.

Corona Cigars Hours

Mon-Tues 9 AM  – 12 AM

Wed-Thurs 9 AM –  1 AM

Fri-Sat 9 AM –  2 AM

Sun 10 AM -12 AM

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